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Pope calls for end of persecution of Christians – Erdogan blames Islamic genocides on ‘Islamophobia’

Ah yes, Erdogan, the moderate leader who dreams of a renaissance of the evils of the Ottoman Empire. The empire which had it not been for the Russians, French & British came close to embracing all of Europe in its evil tentacles.

The Muslim Issue

What an incredibly callous and evil thing for Erdogan to say in excuse for 3 million Christians who have ‘disappeared’ within the past three years, not in refugee camps, but gone – probably exterminated. This shows the true colors of this bastard. Can anyone imagine if Christians slaughtered 3 million Muslims in the name of some religious doctrine and gave no other response to such barbarity than “Muslim phobia” being the cause? This is all this vile Turkish garbage can come up with!?

Turkey needs to pay compensation for the Armenian genocide and face war crime charges. They should also face war crime charges for protecting and aiding Isis.

Erdogan is a racist and Islamofascist who is no different than Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood brown-lip.

Pope and patriarch condemn expulsion of Christians from Middle East

Pope Francis and spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians demand an end…

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